Invoice FAQs

Here are some common questions about invoices in ME:


What do I do if a vendor sends a PDF or digital invoice in email?

Simply save it to your computer and email the PDF file to:


What do the different statuses mean during the processing on my invoices?

Most of the time, all you'll care about is "is this invoice closed or not?" since only closed invoices are used for reporting or transferred to accounting.   However, since we know you may be the curious sort, let us describe the other statuses:

Sent - Order has been placed with a vendor through the MarginEdge platform

Initial Review – We are verifying that key invoice info is present (date/vendor/amount).

In Reconciliation - Our team is in the process of entering and verifying all invoice data.

AM review - Some or all of the invoice information is going through another review.

Final Review - A Supervisor is reviewing and approving the invoice.

Closed - The invoice data is all entered, confirmed, and can be used in reporting and be sent to your accounting system.


What if the invoice doesn’t match my order?

No problem.  This is very common!    Many restaurant's have their own guidelines on this, but here are our preferences:

1.  Cross out the "Qty Shipped" amount and next to it write the correct quantity received, and make a clear handwritten note on the invoice next to that line item to explain the issue (for example, write "return", or "short", or "reject", etc.)   You can circle the item for further emphasis, but it isn't required. 



2.  We also suggest putting a line through the final total as an additional indicator to us that something has been changed.  

That's it.  We'll take care of the heavy lifting (you know, the math!) to make sure the total is right.


What if the order is paid at delivery with a check or ACH?

Most invoices will be sent to your accounting system as payables (A/P), and vendors will be paid by your accounting team periodically.  However, some vendors will be paid at the time of delivery with a paper check, and some may use ACH and auto-draft the bill amount.   We have you covered!

For checks, take a picture of the check with the invoice.   Also, clearly write the check number on the invoice.   In the case of ACH, just write "ACH" on the invoice.

With most accounting systems, ME sends the check number or notification of ACH to the accounting system along with invoice details.




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