Tips for Taking Great Invoice Photos

Here are some secrets for taking great invoice photos every time.   Ok, maybe not so secret, but still very valuable!

1.   Take photos in a place with good lighting.  

Good interior lighting and/or near a window with daylight = good!   In a cave = bad.  

2.  Be sure that all four sides of the invoice are seen easily within the frame of your picture.   You can even leave a little visual space (a border) around each side of the invoice.

3.  Tap the center of the screen to force the camera to focus on the image (this works on only some cameras, and is most helpful in dimmer lighting).

4.  Please only take one photo of each page.  Trying to put two or more invoice pages in one photo often leads to blurry images or invoices that are hard to read. 

5.  Be sure there is nothing covering or hiding any part of the invoice.   Move any other papers away from the invoice.   Move pets and small children to the side as well.

6.  Add as many photos as are needed to capture the entire invoice at the same time.  

7. Upload photos for one invoice at a time. Submit one before beginning a new one! 

If after the above, you feel like you are not a near-professional, MarginEdge invoice photo-taker, please contact for assistance.






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