Recurring Category-Level Invoices


To create a recurring invoice, go to the Orders page and click Add Invoice > Create Invoice.



This will give you the option to manually create a new invoice (that does not require an image).

See more information here about Manual Category-Level Invoices.

To make a recurring invoice select an Invoice Frequency of “Recurring”.


Fill out the remaining details in order to create the recurring invoice:

  • Vendor: The dropdown list will show all of your existing vendors. 

  • Recurrence Details, choose either:  

    • Day of the month
      Note: selecting 31/Last will always create the invoice on the last day of the month regardless of how many days are in the month.

    • Day of the week

  • Payment Account: The default is Accounts Payable, but you can choose any active Payment Account you desire.

  • Category Totals: Choose the appropriate Category from the drop down list and fill in the corresponding amount. Remember, there are no vendor items or products on this type of invoice.

  • If needed, you can add any Additional Charges to that section.

Note that the Invoice # will always be disabled for recurring invoices. Each time the invoice is automatically created it will use the current date as the invoice number.


When you are finished, click "Schedule Invoice"!  It's now closed!

It will populate through your reports on the appropriate days and will be available to pay in Bill Pay if desired. You can also use this in association with our Blll Pay AutoPay feature for full automation! Screen_Shot_2023-03-17_at_5.14.15_PM.png


Editing a recurring invoice

You can edit an existing recurring invoice by going to Orders > Setup > Manage Recurring Invoices


There you will see a list of information about your recurring invoices. You can edit the details of the recurring invoice (including the Recurrence Details) or delete it.


When you click to Edit it, it takes you back to the same pop up you used to create it so you can adjust any of the details. Don't forget to save your work by clicking "Schedule Invoice"!

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