Multiple Charges on Utility Bills

For many utility bills there will be multiple charges listed on the invoice, and the total shown often includes previous charges that have been carried over. Instead of simply using the "Total Amount Due," our team will default to inputting all of the "Current Charges" as line items and creating the invoice total exclusively from those charges. We assume each previous invoice in MarginEdge is done this way and we don't want you to overpay! 


In the image below, there is a previous unpaid balance contributing to the Total Amount Due. In our system, this invoice total would only include the four charges circled in yellow. This invoice total would be $993.60.



In a similar fashion, this invoice total will only include these two charges circled, ignoring the credit shown. The total here would be $844.92.




If this is NOT what you want our team to do, please draw a large circle around the number shown for Total Amount Due to let us know you want us to use that Total instead. 

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