What We Process - Examples

Remember, for us to process your invoices in MarginEdge, you will need to upload the invoice directly to your unit and it must have, at a minimum, the following information:  

Vendor Name: Name of the vendor/seller/supplier of the goods and services purchased.

Line Items: Every single item purchased (or credited) on the invoice is called a "Line Item". We require itemized details including the name, packaging, quantity, and price of each and every item purchased on the invoice.

Invoice Total: This is the sum of what you have purchased (sum of line items, taxes if applicable, and shipping if any). No $0 invoices allowed.

For file formats and size limits, please see this article


The following examples generally have all of the required information: 

1) Food invoices: All your food purchases can be classified as food invoices.



2) Liquor invoices: This consists of your alcohol purchases- beer, wine and liquor.



3) Credit memo/note: A credit memo/note is issued by the vendor for returned goods.



4) Utility Bills: These pay for electricity, water, gas, internet and telephone each month. We process the current charges as the invoice total and not what the utility bill total shows.







5) Insurance Bills:  For invoice total we prefer to use Minimum due or Current premium



6) Taxes, fees and permits: This category includes government taxes, fines, license fees, other fees and permits.




7) Paid outs/petty cash: These are miscellaneous expenses/reimbursement of staff, paid out of the cash register.




8) Internal Transfers: An internal transfer is the transfer of products or vendor items from one restaurant unit to another restaurant unit in the same group.



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