Commissary Kitchens: Overview

 This feature is a robust system for managing inter-company transfers that allows you to:

  • Manage a set of products within the system that is distributed to various locations
  • Use your own recipes with up-to-date, dynamic pricing
  • Generate an order guide for easy ordering
  • Place an order, track it and edit it all within MarginEdge
  • Set up multiple deadlines for orders each week
  • Get email notification of any orders created
  • Input notes on the order for clear communication
  • See the transfers reflected on MarginEdge Performance Reports
  • Sync the information with your accounting system as journal entries

How Does This Work?

We set up your Commissary Kitchen as if it is a Vendor within your Company. You can then create recipes and products that can be sold between the units, generating an order and a resulting invoice for full tracking of inventory and costs. Product prices stay updated and managers can easily see, edit, and fulfill inbound orders. This should help ease the back and forth of placing and tracking orders.

Once the setup is complete, the Commissary location has a new tab in the Navigation Bar called "Inbound Orders". 


Can This Work for My Company?

This feature is designed for inter-company transfers and is restricted for use within units who share the same Company Concept in MarginEdge. One location is designated as the “Commissary” and will then be the only unit allowed to create Commissary Items and manage Commissary orders. All other units within the same Company Concept will be able to place an order in MarginEdge as if ordering from any other vendors. 

If you have a commissary that sells items to outside companies or companies that don’t share the same concept as yours, this feature will not currently work for you. We have plans to expand support for it, so please reach out if you’re interested.

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