Reconciling EDI Invoices and Credits

In addition to getting alerts in your Weekly Snapshot Email, you can at any point, log into MarginEdge and check to see which invoices are in a pending state.

[Not sure what EDI means? Check out this article.]


From the side Navigation Bar, click on Accounting > Reconciliation

When this page loads, you will see a quick snapshot at the top regarding how many items are either waiting or needing your attention. You can search for a specific item or use the drop-down box to filter by the category that you would like to see.



Missing EDI (EDI Pending) – This means that MarginEdge has received the uploaded Image of the Invoice or the Credit Memo but has not received the corresponding EDI Invoice or Credit from the Vendor. 

Missing Image (Image Pending) – This means that MarginEdge has received the EDI Invoice or Credit from the Vendor but has not received the corresponding Image of the Invoice or, in the case of a credit, the image of the Credit Memo itself or the Invoice showing a handwritten adjustment.

Duplicate Vendor Credits – These credits appear to be duplicates and therefore need to be merged, but MarginEdge would like you to double check them and confirm.

Missing Vendor Credits – This indicates that even though MarginEdge generated a credit for you from an Invoice image with a handwritten adjustment on it, the vendor has not sent an EDI version of that credit yet.


Reconciling Missing Images or EDIs

When you click on the line item for an invoice that shows a Missing Image, you will get this pop-up box:


From this box, you can quickly reconcile the issue.

  • If you have the correct image, you can click “Upload Image” and attach the image to the document. It will then automatically go to In Reconciliation mode for system approval.
  • If you want to approve this EDI invoice without the corresponding image, you can click “Approve Without Image”. You will then have to confirm this choice by clicking “Confirm” in the subsequent pop-up box.
  • If you are certain this invoice is incorrect or not needed, you can simply “Delete” it. You will have to confirm this choice by clicking “Confirm” in the subsequent pop-up box. Once deleted, it cannot be recovered.


You have similar choices for an Invoice that is missing the EDI:


 You also have the option to click to View the Invoice and see all of the details. The invoice will open in a new tab and from this screen, you also have multiple options.


You can click to ignore the missing image and reconcile the invoice. Note: After you click to confirm this choice, you MUST SAVE the invoice using the Save button for the process to complete.


You can upload the correct image by clicking “Add Photo”


If you want to verify the data that came in the EDI file, you can click the thumbnail image to download the CSV file that shows the EDI data.


Reconciling Credits


For Credits that are Missing the Vendor Credit, this means we have generated a MarginEdge credit after processing a handwritten adjustment on your invoice. But we have not yet received an EDI credit from your vendor.


If you click to view the Invoice, you can see the line items that were adjusted from the invoice, creating the credit. You have three choices:

  • You can continue to wait to see if the EDI comes in. It can sometimes take the vendor as much as 7-14 days to issue those via EDI.
  • You can choose to accept this credit even without the EDI data by clicking the “Take this Credit” button. You will then have to confirm this choice by clicking “Confirm” in the subsequent pop-up box. This will move the credit into a Closed Status and be ready to be sent to Accounting.
  • You can delete the credit if you think it was created in error. 

Duplicate Vendor Credits require you to open them and approve to merge them. This is often a scenario where MarginEdge has generated a credit from a handwritten adjustment, and the EDI arrived and did not exactly match the value. We ask you to confirm these are the same.


Click “Yes” to agree that these are the same credits. And then decide which one you want to send to accounting. The attached data (CSV and Images) will get merged before the dismissed credit is deleted. We generally recommend choosing the EDI if the amounts are the same.


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