Digital Invoices from Fintech

Why do we describe our EDI integration with Fintech as "limited"? 

If you use Fintech, you know they are an aggregator. This means data from lots of different vendors flows through their system. So how does this play out with regards to MarginEdge?


We cannot tell from an invoice which vendor is paid through Fintech and which one isn't. When we initially set up your Fintech digital invoice integration, we request a list of all of your Fintech vendors. If, however, you add a new vendor at some point in the future, you must alert us to this so we can set this new vendor up to receive the EDI data. Our system will not automatically know this or be able to match it automatically and thus you will be missing invoices. And email to with the vendor name and account number is all that's needed.


Fintech is not responsible for inputting the data that comes over via EDI, each individual vendor is responsible for their own data. But we only communicate with Fintech, not each vendor, so fixing errors is a challenge. And unfortunately, not all vendors provide equally useful or consistent data.


Given each vendor is a separate entity, they are obviously not concerned (or even aware!) if the account number for their client is the same account number used by another vendor who also flows through Fintech. Frequently we see this because vendors will use the restaurant name or ABC number as the account number.

This is where the biggest challenge is with regards to Fintech. When we are relying on the EDI data, we only use the account number to do the initial match. Parsing the file and automatically directing the invoices to the correct unit may not be possible as the routing can contain duplicate account numbers. We still get it right the vast majority of the time - thousands of Fintech invoices a day! - but not always. You may find that one vendor's invoice ends up being processed under the incorrect vendor. This is the most common error we see with Fintech Digital Invoices. In this case, just send us an email to and let us know which invoice and which vendor is the correct one and we will get it reprocessed for you.  


If you want to turn the Digital Invoice feature off and just submit invoice images, we're happy to process them that way for you. If you want to rely on the EDI data, these small mixups will likely continue to occur but we're happy to fix them as soon as you alert us to them. Unfortunately it's an inherent limitation in the EDI integration with Fintech. Most clients feel the speed and convenience of the EDI data is still worth it, but we understand if you want to switch to uploading the image for us to process.

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