EDI and Invoices in MarginEdge

This feature allows you to start receiving electronic invoices (EDI) from your vendors: you’ll never miss an invoice while getting them faster and more consistently at no extra cost! 

We need your approval to turn it on. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Your managers continue to upload the invoice images, documenting any handwritten adjustments
  2. Your vendor sends us electronic versions of your invoices and credits
  3. MarginEdge automatically matches the uploaded image with the electronic invoice
  4. If the handwritten credit does not match the electronic credit, you will get an email alerting you to resolve it

Things should still look and feel the same, but you’ll have better data now.

Which vendors are supported? 

We currently support Acme Paper, Adams-Burch, Ben E Keith, Capital Seaboard, Chef’s Warehouse, Coastal Sunbelt Produce, Congressional Seafood, Freedom Fresh, Keany Produce, Liberty Fruit, Lyon Bakery, PFG, Profish, Reinhart Food Service, Sysco, US Foods. Let us know which other ones we should add to the list.

Is there a risk of duplicate invoices?

No, if we receive the image and EDI invoice, our software will automatically match them and you don’t have to worry about us processing them twice.

When will my invoices start being processed electronically?

Once we receive your confirmation, we work with the vendor to turn it on ASAP. We have seen response rates range from a few days to a few weeks, but we will keep you informed. 

Does this have anything to do with any electronic transferring of funds? 

Absolutely not!!! No permission is given to allow anything of the sort.

Image Pending & EDI Pending

EDI_screenshot.pngWhen you look at your orders, you will see two new types of “Status”. If we have received the EDI, but not the image, it will say “Image Pending”. If we have received the Image but not the EDI, it will say “EDI Pending”.  




In this default EDI mode, whichever form of invoice (image or EDI) arrives first will get processed first. Since EDI invoices typically arrive first, they will process and close without the image. If the image arrives later, it will be attached to the EDI invoice and evaluated to see if there are any handwritten adjustments. 

Do I still need to upload invoice images?

We recommend uploading all invoice images for the sake of consistency across all vendors. If, however, your manager forgets to upload an invoice image, you will still see the EDI invoice come through without the image attached. 

Will you still process handwritten invoice credits? 

Yes! As long as you continue uploading invoices, our default setting allows you to continue receiving this great feature. 

Why are some of my credits still pending? 

Sometimes there is a discrepancy between what is written on the invoice and what is sent via EDI from the vendor. If the handwritten credit does not match the electronic credit, your weekly accounting email will alert you to log in and resolve it. 



You also have the option to use EDI to stop uploading invoice images and simply rely on the EDI data for your reporting and accounting. In this setting, invoice images are not required and any handwritten adjustments that do get uploaded will be ignored.  Good News: everything will process quickly with minimal effort on your side. Bad News: the vendor may occasionally miss a credit and you will not have any paper trail to track it down. 


Check out this MarginEdge Help Article for more detailed info, including an alternative option that requires every single EDI invoice to have a corresponding image, offering a solid double-checking system, but leading to more manual reconciliations.



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