Weekly Snapshot Accounting Email

 This email is sent out on Mondays to every user with “Accountant” permissions. It contains a compiled data snapshot for every unit that this particular Accountant has access to. In other words, your accountant will not get a separate email for each restaurant unit but will instead get just one email to provide snapshot details with alerts to any potential issues.

Inside the Email

*Note, data includes totals from ALL units that your Accountant oversees.


Invoices Processed – everything from the last week 

Sales Entries sent to Accounting – everything from the last week 

Bills Paid -–  everything from the last week

If you use MarginEdge to pay your bills, this shows the total number of Orders paid. If you pay your bills outside of MarginEdge, this will simply say “0”. 

Accounting Errors – everything from the last 45 days

This details anything that failed to “sync” (i.e. send) to your accounting system. This can happen for a variety of reasons and the link takes you to the accounting export page to review. For more information about exporting to accounting, please click here

Items that Need Attention – everything from the last 45 days

This section specifically relates to any unit that is utilizing EDI for invoice processing. [If you want to learn more about EDI , please click here.] The items that might need attention can include:

  • Duplicate vendor credits
  • Missing invoice images
  • Missing EDI invoices
  • Missing credits 

The link takes you to the Reconciliation screen, where you can reconcile any discrepancies.
You can get also there through Accounting > Reconciliation.

This article explains how to reconcile invoices and credits. 

The email also includes the largest totals, by vendor, from all invoices over the past week.  Your top 5 vendors will be displayed here. This total is based on all invoices and credits closed during the past week.




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