The User Notifications Feature

Keeping Everyone in the Loop

MarginEdge has a feature that allows Restaurant Admins to select which users and/or roles receive notification emails. For restaurant groups, these emails can be customized for each unit.         

 Notification emails are sent automatically in specific situations:

  • EDI Workflow Issue 
  • Invoice image issues
  • Price alerts
  • Daily sales data
  • Unbalanced Journal Entry 
  • Unmapped Sales Entries
  • Vendor setup

 How to Start

To use the feature, go to SETUP > NOTIFICATIONS


This will bring you to the notifications page. If you have multiple restaurants, all your units will appear on this page. On the left and side of the screen you'll see the different notifications we send out. 


To remove users or groups from any of the

notification categories click the X next to their name/role:


To add recipients to any notification category, click the + icon at the top right of the cell:


Customization: People and Roles

When adding new people to any notification, you can select to add either individual named users, or specific roles (such as image uploader, manager, accountant, etc.):


If you want all users to receive a specific email, add by role and select “All Users.”

If you have multiple restaurants and want to set your users/roles across all restaurant units, click the “Add to all Restaurants” box:


Note: This option will include all restaurants currently in MarginEdge. If you subsequently bring on a new restaurant, the unit is not automatically added to “all Restaurants,” so you will have to set up the unit at that time.

Troubleshooting: Not Receiving Emails

If any user has opted out of emails, they will not receive emails even if you add them to the notifications list.

If you have selected email notifications by role, and no one is set to a particular role (e.g. accountant), no email will be sent. To fix this, see the articles about how to add or remove users and how to edit user roles

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