How do I use Vendor Setup tasks?

When an invoice comes into MarginEdge from a new Vendor, it is necessary to “map” this Vendor from MarginEdge to your account system.  If the new Vendor in Marginedge already exists in your accounting system and the names are similar, we will try to map it for you.  Otherwise, you will receive an email notification.

Alert Email  

To ensure you know when this happens and can take action so invoices aren't delayed, MarginEdge creates a "Vendor Setup" task and sends an email alert to you (and anyone with the role of Accountant) when an invoice for a new vendor is processed.    

fThat email contains the exact name of the vendor in MarginEdge so you can cut/paste the name into your accounting system (this is not required, but in most systems, once you sync with MarginEdge, if the name is identical then the vendor mapping is done automatically!)

The email will contain a link to the Task area of the system where the Vendor Setup task will be waiting.  

Vendor Setup Task

To address the Vendor Setup task, click on the task to open the Edit Vendor page for the new vendor.    In the example below, there are three Vendor Setup tasks waiting, each reflected by a row in the table.


(Tip: From anywhere within MarginEdge, you can get to this page by clicking on the little bell in the upper right.  If you have any Vendor Setup tasks waiting, you'll have a # showing next to "Invoice Tasks".)

On the Edit Vendor page, you will see an Accounting Configuration section as shown below, and there you can specify a number of things about the new vendor.    

The most important and primary goal of this task is for you to select the Accounting System Vendor.    Once you do that, you can hit Save at the bottom and you've completed the task.  

However, for detailed information about all of the additional configuration options for a vendor, please see "Using Advanced Vendor Configuration Options".



The Vendor Mapping Menu 

If you want to review all of your vendors at once and how they have been mapped you can go to your Accounting > Vendor Mapping=


Here you'll see a list of all of your vendors as they are named in MarginEdge (Vendor Name), how they've been mapped in your accounting system (Accounting System Vendor), whether invoices from that vendor are automatically excluded from sending to your accounting system and what email address has been entered for a vendor if you have set up order guides for them. 



Vendors Locked to Account Type "Other" Payment Account


As you can see in the image above, some of these vendors are set up to report to a specific vendor, but others, like "7-Eleven", are locked to be closed to a payment account that sends a Journal Entry rather than an invoice to the accounting system. In this case, no vendor mapping is required and the mapping line will appear with the words "Not Applicable".  

For more information on this, check out these articles on Setting Up Pay Accounts and Ensuring your invoices are closed to the right payment accounts.




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