Using Advanced Vendor Configuration Options

Vendor Accounting Configuration Options

Adjusting these settings let you control in great detail how a vendor’s invoices are handled.  Want all 7-Eleven invoices to go to Petty Cash, all Coastal Produce to be booked only to Produce and Bar Supplies, and Misc Delivery Fee’s booked to a special account?   Yep, we can do all that here and much much more!

Screen_Shot_2022-05-10_at_3.50.58_PM.pngYou can access these on the Edit Vendor page.  To get there, go to Vendors, select and click on the vendor you want, and then click on the blue "Edit Vendor" box to the right of the vendor name.


Once there, you'll see the box below labeled "Accounting Configuration":



Below are descriptions of the configuration options available: 

Vendor Name  

This is locked and cannot be edited since most vendors are used by more than one restaurant. 

Payment Account This list is based on the payment accounts setup for your restaurant.   It defaults to Accounts Payable. You can set the default choice (the one most commonly used) for this vendor. Select "Prevent changing this account during order reconciliation" only if you are sure all invoices for the vendor will be paid this way as this will lock it to this payment account.

Accounting System Vendor 

This is where you map the vendor from your accounting system to the one in MarginEdge.   Select the right one from the list here.   If you don't see the vendor listed, then double-check within your accounting system and then:

- if you use QuickBooks Online or Intacct, try again a few minutes later to make sure the data has been updated

- if you use QuickBooks Desktop, be sure you ran the 'Update' from QuickBooks to sync all the info between QuickBooks and ME

- if you use another accounting system and are not sure how you sync the systems, or you use QuickBooks but you tried the above, contact us at for assistance.

Exclude from Accounting Check this box only in the rare cases where the vendor invoices should not be exported to your accounting system. If this box is checked, NO invoices from this vendor will ever be exported to your accounting system -- use it carefully!

Miscellaneous Charges

By checking this box, you will be given the below options about how ME handles misc charges on invoices.   


By default, ME books these misc charges proportionately to all expense categories found on the invoice.   For example, if the invoice total includes half BEER and half LIQUOR, the Delivery charges would be split evenly between the BEER and LIQUOR categories.

If you'd like all charges of a category to be booked to one category, you can select the appropriate one.  For example, you could specify all Delivery charges are booked to one expense category called "Delivery Fees"

Category Restrictions

By checking this box, you will be given the option to specify one or more expense categories that all items for this vendor should be booked to.  No other expense categories can be used for the vendor's invoices.

In the below example, the user has chosen that the only allowable expense categories for this vendor's invoices are "Dairy Products" and "Produce".   In choosing these, you are specifying that MarginEdge should not book any items on this vendor's invoices to any other categories.  Note: this is only for new Vendor Items going forward. If some Vendor Items that have already been received are going to the wrong products or categories, please see this article to help make adjustments.





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