Intro to Placing Orders through MarginEdge

You can order all of your products, all in one place, all through MarginEdge. It doesn't matter if your vendor claims to have 'online ordering' or not. Anyone who will accept orders via email can be setup in MarginEdge.

Here are the key steps required to implement this feature with embedded links to details on each step: 

  1. You submit your vendor's invoices and we process them. This generates the information needed to begin the ordering setup process. 
  2. You gather the contact information for the person who should receive the orders via email and set up online ordering. Sometimes it's a sales rep and sometimes they go to a central ordering email, like Find out if any of your managers want to be copied on the orders. 
  3. You organize your order guides, utilizing our multi-unit order guide setup if applicable. 
    Now you're all ready! 
  4. You place an order and it's emailed to your vendor. 
  5. When the invoice comes in our team will retire the purchase order and you will only see the invoice present in your account. 

Note: Currently we only support EDI ordering for Profish. All other vendors will need to be set up to receive orders via email.

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