How to add products in MarginEdge

Any user with the Restaurant Admin role can add products in MarginEdge. To do so go to the main Products menu:


Select + Add a new Product in the top left corner of the screen. 


Enter the name of the product you want to create; select the category you want this product to be reported under (e.g., for Sunkist oranges, you’d select Produce).


If you want the product to be reported in more than one category, you can do that too: Just select the +Add Category button, pick the additional category(s), then assign whatever percentage you want allocated to each category.

Screen_Shot_2019-05-13_at_11.14.07_AM.pngCheck the appropriate boxes to select how to see this product on reports. You can specify how you want the product to be counted in reports (e.g., for wine you might select “bottle,” for oranges you might select “each” and for basil you might select “bunch”).


Finally, you’ll want to choose a price for the item. Then press save and you’re done.






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