What are the different user permissions in ME?

In MarginEdge, there are several types of user accounts, each with varying permissions within the system. Below is a list of core user permissions and their descriptions:

"User"   A "User" can upload invoices, place orders, enter inventory counts, and view most operational information in ME.   They cannot add, edit or remove products or recipes, nor can "users" setup, close or delete inventories.  This role is typically used by in-store non-managerial staff.

"Sous Chef" The “Sous Chef" is a modified version of the user role. Users with this role have the additional ability to add, edit, and delete and upload pictures for recipes but only for recipes restricted to their restaurant unit, not for any other restaurant in a restaurant group. Any recipes they create are automatically restricted to their restaurant.

"Manager"   A "Manager" in ME has all the privileges of a "User" plus can add or edit count sheets, close, re-open, and configure inventory, and add other "Users" or "Managers".

“Franchisee Accountant” A “Franchisee Accountant” is a hybrid role between the “Manager” and “Accountant” role. This role has all the same permissions as the “Manager” and “Accountant” role, with the exception of view-only access to portions of the accounting categories page and PMIX Mapping.

"Accountant"   An "Accountant" can view most operational information (products, recipes, inventory), plus has access to all accounting-related screens, such as the Export, Categories, and all mapping pages, such as Category Mapping and Vendor Mapping.   

"Restaurant Admin"   The “Restaurant Admin” role has access to all parts of the orders, performance, vendors, inventory, products, recipes, and setup feature. This role does not have access to accounting and labor features.

“MarginEdge Admin” The “MarginEdge Admin” has access to all parts of MarginEdge. To learn more about this role, review this help article here.

 *There is an additional role called PMIX Mapper which can be given to any user. This role gives additional permission to a user with user, sous-chef or manager to do PMIX mapping.


A user can have multiple roles in MarginEdge. The highest role, so to speak, will always always negate any restrictions a lower role might have in place. For example, if someone is a "User" and a "Manager", the permissions they have will be from the Manager settings and the system will ignore the User settings. To give someone multiple roles, you must hold either the "Ctrl" key on a PC or the "Command" key on a Mac while selecting the roles. 

To change a user's permissions, see this article: How do I change a user's role in MarginEdge?  

For a more detailed description of exactly what each type of user can and cannot do, please see the role permissions below:

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