Getting started with Labor in MarginEdge


MarginEdge can automatically collect labor data from your POS system so that you can start seeing wage data on your P&L and Budgets. You can also add salaried employee data in MarginEdge for a more complete picture of your labor costs.

The Labor feature in MarginEdge is currently only available for restaurants that use the following POS systems:

  • Aldelo Express
  • Aloha
  • Brink
  • Cake
  • CBS Northstar
  • Digital Dining
  • Dinerware
  • Focus Cloud
  • Grubbrr
  • Harbortouch
  • Micros
  • MobileBytes
  • NCR Silver
  • POSitouch
  • Revel
  • Rezku
  • Sapphire
  • Silverware
  • SpotOn
  • Toast
  • Touchbistro
  • Union POS
  • Upserve (formerly Breadcrumb)

Please note that we do not support sending Labor data to your accounting system. MarginEdge can pull it in for reporting purposes but cannot export it.


The Labor module has 4 sub-sections:




The Labor Summary page displays labor costs broken out by Category, Employee, or Job title.



The Shifts page displays punch data from the POS.



The Employees page displays the full list of employees from your POS. You can also add salaried employees here.



The Setup page is where you can manage your pay periods and map job titles to labor categories.



New Roles for Viewing Labor Data

MarginEdge users will need to be assigned one of the two new labor roles in order to access labor data in their restaurant. Below is a description of the two new roles:

Payroll Manager – Users with the Payroll Manager role can view all pages in the labor feature. They can also create salaried employees and manage which users have access to the labor feature.

Shift Reviewer – Users with the Shift Reviewer role can view the Shifts page and labor on the P&L. Shift Reviewers cannot view any other pages that may reveal sensitive salary or wage data.


Labor on your Controllable P&L and Budgets

Controllable P&L

Once you have the labor feature on and you have all of your job titles mapped to categories, you’ll be able to see summarized category-level data under Performance > Controllable P&L.

Only users with the Payroll Manager or Shift Reviewer role will be able to view labor data on the P&L.




If you want to see your labor costs in a budget, you can add any of your labor categories using the existing budget feature.


How do I access the Labor feature in MarginEdge?

If you use one of the listed supported POS systems, it should be enabled automatically. If you think you should be able to see your labor data but can't, please contact and request access to the labor feature in MarginEdge. In your request, provide a list of users you would like to grant the Payroll Manager role to.

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