Setting up Labor in MarginEdge

Once the Labor Feature is on in your restaurant, MarginEdge will start displaying labor data from your POS.

To be able to start seeing wage data in your P&L and Budgets, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Add Labor Categories
  2. Configure your Pay Periods
  3. Map Job Titles to Labor Categories

And that’s it! For instructions on how to create Salaried Employees in MarginEdge, follow these instructions [How to Add Salaried Employees in MarginEdge].

For more detailed setup instructions, continue reading on.

How Do I Add New Categories in MarginEdge?

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Categories Add-Category-1.png 
  2. Click + Add a new CategoryAdd-Category-2.png 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list to see the new category lineAdd-Category-3.png 
  4. Add your Category by first typing in the Category Name you want to see in MarginEdge. Some examples we recommend are:
    • Front of House- Hosts, Waiters, etc.
    • Front of House- Management
    • Back of House- Kitchen Staff
    • Back of House- ManagementAdd-Category-4.png 
  5. Click on Category Type. Map your new Category to Category Type – Labor.Add-Category-5.png 
  6. Continue adding your wage and salary categories
  7. Click Save ChangesAdd-Category-6.png

For more information on Accounting Categories, please see this article- General Ledger Accounts, Categories and Category Type


How do I Configure my Pay Period in MarginEdge?

  1. Navigate to Labor > Setup > Manage Pay PeriodsLabor-Setup-2.png 
  2. Select your Pay Period Configuration. We currently support the following pay periods:
    • Semi-Monthly
    • Bi-Weekly
    • WeeklyLabor-Setup-4.png  
  3. Select a date/day of the week to start your pay period on. You can reference the calculated pay periods on the right side of the screen to make sure the dates are correct.Labor-Setup-5.png 
  4. Click SaveLabor-Setup-7.png  

How do I Map Job Titles to Labor Categories?

  1. Navigate to Labor > Setup > Manage Job TitlesJob-Title-1.png 
  2. You should see a full list of Job Titles that come from your POS. To map a Job Title, double click the Category row and select the Category the Job Title should be assigned to. Note that you will only see labor categories on this screen here.Job-Title-4.png 
  3. Click Save
  4. Once saved, you should be able to start seeing wage data rolled up by category on your Labor Summary and P&L.
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