How to Add Salaried Employees in MarginEdge

If you would like a more complete picture of your labor costs in your P&L and budgets, you can add salaried employees in MarginEdge.

To create salaried employees in MarginEdge, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Create Salaried Job Titles
  2. Create Salaried Employees
  3. Configure how salaries are accrued on MarginEdge reports

For more detailed setup instructions, continue reading on.

How do I create Job Titles?

  1. Navigate to Labor > Setup > Manage Job TitlesJob-Title-1.png 
  2. On the Job Titles screen, click + Add Job Title. This should create a new row in the Job Title table.Job-Title-5.png 
  3. Type in the name of your Job Title and then map it to a Category.Job-Title-6.png 
  4. Click Save ChangesJob-Title-7.png

Note: You cannot edit Job Title names that come from your POS


How do I Create Salaried Employees in MarginEdge?

  1. Navigate to Labor > Employees
  2. Click + Add EmployeeAdd-Employee-1.png 
  3. Fill in the Personal Details for your employee.
  4. Click the + Assign Job Title button. You should see a new row in the Employee Details table.Add-Employee-2.png 
  5. Double click on the Job Title input. Select your Salaried Job Title from the dropdown menu
    • For all job titles added to employees in MarginEdge, the default Pay Type will be Salaried. This cannot be edited.Add-Employee-4.png 
  6. Click on the Wage (or Annual Salary) input and type your employee’s annual salary.
  7. Click on the Start Date input and enter the date your employee started working in your restaurant. This will be the first date you will see salary expenses accrue on reports.Add-Employee-5.png 
  8. Click Save!Add-Employee-6.png


How do I Configure How Salary Expenses Accrue on Reports?

If your restaurant is closed during the week and you don’t want to see salary expenses on your reports for the days your restaurant is closed, you can edit your salary accrual settings by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Labor > Setup > Manage Pay Periods
  2. Observe the default for Which days of the week would you like to see salary expenses accrue on? is set to all days of the week. This means for all salaried employees, their salary data will be split evenly across each day of the week on your labor reports P&L, and budgets.Labor-Setup-6.png  
  3. If you would like to edit which days to accrue salary expenses on, uncheck the days of the week you would not want to see salary expenses accrued on.
  4. Click Save.
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