Creating a Recipe

The Input Fields

*The asterisk denotes a required field.
  1. Name* - we recommend giving each recipe a clear name that will be easy to search and find

  2. Type* - choose from the Types you created earlier

  3. Yields* - choose from our long list of options for how you want to measure the completed batch: a sixth-pan, 24 servings, two gallons, etc.

  4. Add a Picture - Upload as many pictures as you want to help your team visualize the process or finished product (file size max is 500 MB)

  5. Recipe should be restricted - see “Additional Options”

  6. Recipe should be inventoried - see “Additional Options”

  7. Equipment - anything you inputted in the Recipe Setup step will show up as options to choose here

  8. Media - you can upload any pre-recorded instructional videos here (file size max is 500 MB)

  9. Method - No rules on how you want to use this space. If you have this information in another document, you can easily copy and paste it here.

Adding Ingredients

  1. Choose the appropriate category type in order to find the product you want to add:

    • Add Food - this is a list of your food products, you know, those ingredients that come in on a truck

    • Add NA Bev - all products you have categorized as Non-alcoholic beverages

    • Add Alcohol - self-explanatory, right?

    • Add Other -this is something other than food and beverage; could include products like a takeout container

    • Add Recipe - you can add another Prepared Item like a soup base or washed/prepped veggies that you already made a recipe for in [me]


2. Select the product item from the drop-down menu. It will automatically populate the Type.

3. You can adjust the yield here to account for any loss that occurs when preparing the recipe.
Article: Accounting for Recipe and Ingredient Yields

4. Enter the quantity, keeping in mind that it should be relative to the unit you want to specify.

5. Select the unit. The drop-down box will automatically populate all current options available (i.e. all units that don’t require a conversion). If you want to use something other than what’s available in the menu, just type it in. This will prompt a pop-up box asking for a conversion.

This typically occurs if you order something and it comes in by weight, we won’t know its volume. So you are presented with a statement - “There are how many [blank] in how many Cups” - that you can rearrange using the swap button with the arrows. Once you tell our system once, it will apply that information moving forward.
Article: Recipes - Conversions


6. Cost will be calculated automatically based on your most recent purchase price.

7. Add any notes you might want to include that are relevant to a particular ingredient.

Now continue adding all ingredients needed!

Finalizing the Recipe

Click SAVE! Please please please don’t forget this step.

The Ingredient Total is automatically calculated and can’t be manually adjusted.

On a Menu Item and Bar Item, you have two more fields for the Menu Price and Food Cost percentage. Here you can input information into either box and it will automatically calculate the numbers for the other one. So if you input your Menu Price, it will tell you your Food Cost. And bonus move, if you want to help determine the Menu Price by a target Food Cost, then enter that percentage and use the resulting Menu Price!


Rinse and Repeat for all your food and beverage recipes!


Additional Options

Restricting Recipes

This is a box available to check when creating or editing a recipe. When checked, then you’ll have the option to "Add Restaurant". Select the restaurant you want to restrict the recipe to (note, you can select multiple restaurants). If the recipe is not set with any restrictions then it will show as “Global” on the page displaying all of your recipes.

Article: Restricting Recipes to Specified Restaurant Units

Counting a Recipe on Your Inventory

This is a box available to check when creating or editing a recipe. When you check this box, you’ll see a list of available inventory count sheets. Click the green “+Add to a Count Sheet” button; to remove it, click the red “X” to the right of the count sheet name.

When a recipe is counted on inventory, you can count it by something other than the total yield of the recipe. To do this, click the box, “I count this recipe by somethingother than its yield.”

Enter the unit of measure you would like to count the recipe by (in the example below, by the 1 quart); enter how many of this unit of measure are in the total yield of the recipe.

Article: Setting Recipes to be Inventoried

(In this case, the recipe’s yield is a gallon; since there are four quarts in a gallon, enter 4.)


Changing A Recipe’s Category

If you realize that you need to, for example, change a recipe from a Prepped Item to a Menu Item, simply click on that recipe and click “Edit Recipe”. Then under the “Recipe Type”, select the appropriate Type within the new Category that you want to change it to. When you click to save it, you will get a pop up notification confirming that you want your edit to change this recipe’s Category.


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