Finding, Viewing and Printing Your Recipes

Using the Navigation Menu, go to Recipes and clicking on any of the Recipe Categories. This provides you with the full list of all completed recipes. On this page, you can:

  1. Add a new recipe

  2. Filter/sort by Recipe Type and by Item Status

  3. Export your recipe list as a CSV or PDF (note this does not export the individual recipe details, just the list you see).

  4. Search using key words in the search bar



Click into a recipe by clicking on the recipe name and it will give you a quick overview. And from here you have lots of options to Edit, Copy, Print or View History.



Copying Recipes

You have the ability to make a copy of it. Click on the Recipe to open the summary page then click on the “Copy Recipe” button.

Printing Recipes

You have two options to print your recipe. Click on the Recipe to open the summary page then click on the “Print” or “Print Recipe Card” button. The Recipe Card does not include any prices whereas using the “Print” button will include ingredient and recipe costs.

Note: there is no print-all for recipes if you wanted to perhaps print everything out and put them all in a binder. You can certainly print them one at a time, but the Kitchen Display feature is designed to be your “recipe binder”.


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