Setting Recipes to be Inventoried

You can set any recipe you create to be inventoried, either when you create the recipe or at any time later.

To inventory the recipe, check the “Recipe should be inventoried” box.



When you check this box, you’ll see a list of inventory count sheets your recipe will be included on. To add a recipe to a count sheet, click the green “+Add to a Count Sheet” button; to remove it, click the red “X” to the right of the count sheet name.


By default, your count by unit of measure will be the value you set in the recipe’s yield. In the example above, the count by unit of measure is 1 gallon.

However, you can change the count to something other than the total yield of the recipe.

Click the box, “I count this recipe by something other than its yield.”

Enter the unit of measure you would like to count the recipe by (in the example below, by the 1 quart); enter how many of this unit of measure are in the total yield of the recipe.

(In this case, the recipe’s yield is a gallon; since there are four quarts in a gallon, enter 4.)


Note: When you count the recipe on inventory, the separate ingredients will be broken up proportionally and displayed as individual products in reports such as the Food Usage Report. 

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