Using the Kitchen Display for Recipes

Every Recipe at Your Fingertips

The Kitchen Display feature is part of the MarginEdge platform. It is specifically designed to be used in the kitchen and is formatted for viewing on an iPad, Kindle or similar tablet display.


For Kitchen Eyes Only

Unlike the Recipes screen, the Kitchen Display does not include pricing information and isn’t used for adding or editing recipe information. Instead, it displays all the recipe information line cooks need in the kitchen: ingredients, equipment, instructions, and pictures. Food prep and plating is consistent, and training is a snap.

Because the Kitchen Display is always in sync with Recipes, if there are recipe changes or adjustments, these show up in the kitchen immediately . . . and across different locations, if you’re part of a restaurant group.


How to Get Going

You can access the Kitchen Display at or select it from within MarginEdge. Sign in to the platform, and then go to Recipes > Kitchen Display and click the "Open Kitchen Viewer" button.


This will open a new tab in your browser and you'll be prompted to confirm your login credentials again. Once in Kitchen Display mode, you can filter your recipes by category (Menu Items, Bar Items, Prep Items) or by whatever Recipe types you have created (in the example below, appetizer, bowls, cold prep, etc.).


You can also search for recipes by ingredient, name, allergens, etc. Select the Search bar on the top right corner of your screen. The search results will include any recipes that contain the keyword in either the name or the recipe ingredients.


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