Category Report

What is the Category Report?

The Category Report is a report that shows you your purchases within the date range you select by Invoice and Category Totals You can also click on any invoice to see a product level breakdown. You can also use the report to view and download invoice images individually or in bulk. For more on that feature of the report, check out this article on the topic.

Where do I find the Category Report?

You can find the Category Report by going to Performance > Category Report


What options do I have when viewing the report?image-20210703-030817.png

Date Range: You have to option of selecting from the preset date ranges of the current period, previous period, current year, previous year, or a custom date range. When using the preset periods, the date ranges will align with the accounting periods as they are set for your restaurant unit.

Invoices/Categories: You can choose to view with each invoice as a separate row and category coding displayed across the columns of the table for optimal viewing in the user interface, or switch the arrangement with category array long rows for easier export and manipulation.

All Invoices/Only Complete Invoices: By default, the report will show you only invoices in Closed and Pending Approval status (invoices which have completed processing), but you can change the option to also invoices in Image Pending, EDI Pending, In Reconciliation, Final Review, and AM Review status. Keep in mind that when viewing “All” invoices that the coding may be incomplete and subject to change as the invoices finish processing.

Vendor Filter: You can also filter the report to only show you invoice from a single vendor.

MarginEdge Categories/Accounting Categories: By default, the report will show you all data according to the coding of MarginEdge Categories, but you can also shift the report to display the Accounting System Account instead. For more on the differences between Categories, Category Types, and General Ledger accounts, check out this article on the topic.

View Invoices: This button allows you to view invoice images. For more on this feature of the report, check out this article on the topic.

Export As: This report can be exported as a CSV. The CSV export will account for any filters or settings you have on the report when exporting.

How do I read the report?

With its default settings, you can see every invoice with invoice # and Vendor Name, processing status, Accounting System Sync Status, Invoice Total, and Category totals. The sum of each category for the date range will be displayed at the bottom of the report.


Digging Deeper


Clicking on any invoice will show you each line item and how it was coded, as well as showing you how your miscellaneous charges were distributed.

You can also see the Order page for the invoice and view the invoice image.

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