Can I change my accounting periods in ME?

In MarginEdge, your accounting periods can be set to any of the following:

1.   Calendar Months

2.   13 4-week periods

3.   5 wks - 4 wks - 4 wks (repeated)

4.   4 wks - 4 wks - 5 wks (repeated)

This is an internal system setting, so if your restaurant is currently displaying the wrong accounting period in ME, just reach out at to let us know and we'll change your configuration or your start date.   

Can I start my reporting week on a different day?

Though accounting periods in ME are as shown above - either calendar months or 4/5 week periods - MarginEdge shows weekly sales numbers on your homepage dashboard and in your nightly sales email.

If you use any accounting period option that is based on 4 / 5 weeks periods (#2, #3, and #4 above), you can designate the start date of your accounting year and starting period.   This will in turn dictate the starting day of every reporting week for sales.  For example, you could specify that your year started January 2nd, for example, and if that's a Tuesday then your weekly sales reporting will start on Tuesday's.   

However, if you use calendar accounting periods, the beginning of the accounting period will always fall on the 1st of the month regardless of the weekday.   For consistency of reporting, though, and ease of year over year comparisons, MarginEdge defaults the weekly sales to always begin on Monday. 


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