Controllable P&L

The Controllable P&L gives a high-level view of revenue and expenses by combining data from sales entries, invoices, and inventory adjustment in a customizable data range.


Some Key Formulas

Cost % of Sales = (COGS by Category Type) / (Sales by Category Type)

Cost of Goods Sold = Starting Inventory + Purchases - Ending Inventory

Sales = All Sales Lines set to a Category Type AND Included in Reporting



What’s on the MarginEdge Controllable P&L?

Income: this data comes directly from your POS system; it is configured on the Accounting > Sales Mapping page.

The top of the report shows your income broken down by Category Type. Which sales show up in which Category Type and which sales lines are included is set on the Sales Mapping page.


COGS: this data comes from invoices and inventory adjustments; where they are reported is set on the Accounting > Categories page.

The middle section shows the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) for the date range subdivided by Category Type Food, Beer, Wine, Liquor, NA Bev and Retail. The Categories that are included in each Category Type and which Categories are included or excluded from the report are set on the Accounting > Categories page.

Also shown here is the cost % for each Category which is calculated by dividing the COGS for the Category and dividing it by the corresponding Category Type income from the first section. 

Showing Net Vs. Gross Sales in MarginEdge


EXPENSES: this data also comes from invoices and inventory adjustments, but only includes anything under Category Type "Other".

The bottom of the report shows expenses, which include any Categories that are set to Category Type other. The Cost % for expenses is calculated by dividing the total expense by the total sales, not by Category Type sales.

There is a summary value below each section. Total income is the sum of the total sales, Total COGS is the sum of all Category Type COGS, Gross Profit is Total Income - Total COGS, and Controllable Profit = Gross Profit - Total Expenses.

LABOR*: Summarized category-level data of wage data from your POS system plus any salaried employee costs you've entered.

Note: Only users with the Payroll Manager or Shift Reviewer role are able to see labor data on the P&L.

*This new feature is slowly being rolled out! Learn more here.

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