How do I place orders directly through ME?

Yes - you can order all of your products, all in one place, all through MarginEdge!   To get started, you'll first have to set up each vendor in ME so the system knows where to send orders.   You can get help on this task here - How do I setup online ordering in ME?

Once a vendor is set up, you can order through ME in this way: 

1.  Select the Orders menu then the Place New Order sub-menu.

2.  Select the vendor (you will see only the vendors set up for online ordering.)

3.  Enter item quantities for what you'd like to order.

4.  Click send at the bottom.   You'll be shown a summary of your order you can review before it goes out.

5.  Confirm everything is correct and click send and your order is sent.

A manager from each restaurant can be set up to receive a copy of every order that goes out (for all vendors.)   If you need to set this up, contact your Account Manager.   To set up a staff member to receive a copy of every order that goes to a particular vendor, see the instructions in this article - How do I set up online ordering in ME?

You may want to organize your ordering page, and you can do that through Order Guide Setup, in the section 'How to change how items are organized.'


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