Connecting to Multiple POS Systems

If your restaurant operates multiple point of sale systems, you can connect each POS to MarginEdge so that you can get a complete picture of your total sales across all systems. You can also export sales from each connected POS to your accounting system.

To connect to another POS system, contact


What does it mean when MarginEdge says they support multiple POS system integrations?

MarginEdge can combine sales and labor data from multiple POS systems into your sales reports. Any time we show “sales” it will be adding across all POS systems. You can also export sales from each connected POS to accounting.

We can currently only pull PMIX data from one POS system. 


Which POS Systems can MarginEdge connect to? 

MarginEdge can connect to any of our currently supported POS integrations. To view the full list of supported POS integrations, check out this help article here.


What limitations does MarginEdge have when it comes to connecting to multiple POS Systems?

MarginEdge cannot connect to 2 or more legacy based POS systems. A legacy POS system stores your data on-site on local servers and runs on a closed internal network. Examples of legacy POS systems include Aloha, POSitouch, Micros, and Focus. 

MarginEdge also cannot connect to two of the same type of POS under our multiple POS support. If you currently run multiple point of sale systems from the same company but under separate reports, you can contact help@marginedge about adding support for "multiple locations" for your POS. 


Does MarginEdge integrate with any online e-commerce websites?

Yes! We integrate with Shopify and Square. If your restaurant uses another e-commerce site, reach out to help@marginedge to inquire about a new integration. 


Does MarginEdge integrate with any 3rd party delivery companies?

We do not currently integrate with any 3rd party delivery companies, but hope to in the future.


My restaurant uses two POS systems from the same company in the same restaurant, but they have separate reports. Can I connect both of those POS systems into one restaurant in MarginEdge (For example a separate upstairs and downstairs POS account or a food truck that runs out of a brick and mortar location)

Our multiple POS feature does not support connecting to two or more of the same type of POS. If you wish to pull in sales from all POS systems that have the same company, contact our support team about getting "multi-location support". 

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