Menu Analysis FAQs

Why isn’t a recipe showing up on the Menu Analysis Page?

  • If a Menu Item Recipe is inactive, it will not show up on the report.
  • For Prep Recipes that you expect to show up, they will not show up correctly if inactive.

To resolve this, re-activate the recipe in question or update the PMIX mapping to a new recipe.

How is average cost calculated?

For a given date range, it is the average of the price history in that date range. If no price history exists in that date range, it is the most recent price of that product or recipe.

How is the Number Sold calculated?

It is the scale * number sold in the PMIX mapping page. Keep in mind that the removal scale is different than the “additive” (normal) scale.

Where does revenue go for removed / subtracted mappings?

Revenue always goes to the “additive” mapping. Revenue only goes to the removed mapping if there is no additive mapping.

What is (related) modifier costs?

Say you have two PMIX items: PMIX BURGER and PMIX ADD PICKLE. They’re probably mapped to two different products or recipes (Burger Recipe and Pickle Product). Well the cost of the PMIX ADD PICKLE goes towards the Pickle product and won’t show up under Burger Price. But it is often useful to know if there were other costs associated with a Menu Item, hence why we have Related Modifier Costs.

Note: it is NOT the cost of modifiers mapped to the same recipe, BURGER COMBO -> PMIX SUB BURGER mapped to Burger Recipe will show up under the total cost for a Menu Analysis row and NOT the modifier cost.


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