Connecting ME to M3

To connect MarginEdge to your M3 accounting system, there are just a few easy tasks we ask of you. You will need to request some information from M3, ensure your M3 setup is complete, and then send that information to your MarginEdge team!


  1. Send the following email to the Tech Support Department at M3 ( to request the MarginEdge integration. Copy on the email.

    M3 Tech Support:
    I’d like to request that the MarginEdge integration be set up. Please provide the following information for my restaurant, <insert restaurant name>, that MarginEdge will need to complete the integration:

    - Company ID
    - Property ID
    - Customer Name
    - FTP Path (folder on the SFTP site where files for this client will be placed)

    Thank you.

  2. Please ensure that your vendors in M3 are all set up with vendor numbers. In order to be imported to MarginEdge, the vendors must have vendor numbers.

  3. Once M3 has responded, forward a copy of the M3 reply to your implementation manager so that they have the above information.

Your MarginEdge team will take care of the rest of the setup from here!


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