Mobile Inventory on your Phone


You can now take an inventory count from your mobile device! This should make it a lot easier to walk around your restaurant to do counts quickly in the palm of your hand.

We’ll note that the inventory tool on the mobile app does not have every capability that you’re used to on the web app. See below for a quick FAQ, then step by step instructions.

New to Inventory? Check out this article to get you oriented.



How many users can enter counts on a Count Sheet at a time?

Just like in the web application, only one person can take a count at a time on any specific Count Sheet. This is regardless of whether they are on their phone, tablet or at a computer. If two users are counting at once they will clobber each other's inputs and the count will not be correct.


Can I start a new count on the mobile app and complete it on the web-app? 

Yes. You can start a count and save it on the mobile app then finish or edit it on the web-app. 


Can I start an inventory and finish it later? Will it save my progress?

Yes! Your work will be saved and you can come back and keep working on it. Even if you exit out of the app and then fire it back up later, we will save your counts until you return back to finish it. Note though that once you "Close" it, you cannot reopen it on the mobile app.


Can I change the date of an inventory? 

You can change the date of an inventory count either before or while taking the count, but not after it has been Closed.


Can I make changes to a Count Sheet or reopen it from the mobile app? 

No. All edits will have to go through the web app. A user cannot edit or reopen a Count Sheet and will have to use the web app to access a closed count sheet.  


What details will I be able to see about an old Count Sheet?

While on the mobile app, you will be able to see the last time a count sheet was counted but not the details of the old count sheet.


Steps for a Mobile Inventory 

  1. When inside the mobile app, touch "Inventory" from the bottom menu bar. 

  2. If you have a Saved inventory, you will see that listed at the top and can open it to edit it. Otherwise, click on the blue "Enter a New Count". 
  3. Select the Count Sheet you want to use
  4. Select the appropriate Inventory date 

  5. To access the products you need to count, you can either:
    1. Use the app's search bar to quickly find the one you need OR
    2. Click to open a category and simply work through the products listed. InventoryProducts.png

  6. When you're ready to input a number, the screen that pops up has a calculator built into it. So if you already know the total, enter it in! If you need to do some quick math, the tools are right there to help you out.

  7. You can use the back arrow at any time to return to the previous screen. 

  8. NOTE: The button up top says "SAVE" -- do this if you want to return later for any edits. The button at the bottom says "Save and Close". This will officially Close the inventory and no one can reopen it from the mobile app. 

  9. If you messed up and want to just start clean again, click the handy trash can to send it on down the internet garbage disposal. 


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