Adding Multiple Count-Bys on Products

This article outlines the new multiple count-by on products feature. This feature is currently in beta testing. If you would like to become a beta participant, please reach out to 

How does the feature work?

Once the feature is enabled, you’ll be able to add new count-bys to a product from the Edit Products screen and take inventory with products that have multiple count-bys.

Adding multiple count-bys to a product

Video Overview

  1. To add a new count-by, go to Products > Products > select a product > Edit Product.

  2. From the Edit Product screen, you’ll see a new section called Units Counted on Inventory. By default, you should see your primary Count-By (now called Report-By). Screen_Shot_2021-12-20_at_4.01.10_PM.png

  3. To add another unit, click the Add Inventory Units button and you should see a modal. Screen_Shot_2021-12-20_at_4.01.46_PM.png

  4. From this modal, you can specify how else you would like to count this product. Currently, you can only add another count-by using the same unit of measure family as your primary count-by. So for example, if you count your product by the pound, you will be able to select other weight count-bys. If you count by the fluid oz, you’ll be able to count by other volume count-bys.

  5. From the same modal, you can also specify a nickname for your count-by. So for example, if you count chicken by the 10 pounds, you can add a nickname “Case” to see on inventory.

  6. Once you’ve specified your additional count-by, click the Add Unit button.

  7. Once you are done adding your count-bys, click the Save button.

  8. Once saved, your new count-bys will appear on your count sheets.

    1. Please note that if you have multiple restaurants that share the same product list, they will also get the new count-by.

Taking Inventory

Taking inventory works similar to how it does today, with the exception of now being able to have multiple count-bys on a product. Here is an example of what an active count sheet looks like with multiple count-bys:


How will this look on your reports?

Once you close your inventory, we roll up all your counts into your primary “Report-By” unit. Your Report-By is the same as the count-by you have set up on your product today.

To demonstrate, take the following count sheet that has 5 counts of chicken counted by the pound and another 5 counts of 10 pound Cases of chicken.



When you close your inventory, MarginEdge will automatically calculate how much product you have using the primary “Report-By” unit. In this example, the primary Report-By is “Pound”, which means this client will see 55 pounds of chicken on their reports.


Restaurants with Liquor Products

Previously when MarginEdge processed invoices with liquor, we created new products for each bottle size. Going forward, our invoice processing team will no longer be following this process. Instead, when we process invoices with liquor, we will be creating one sizeless product in MarginEdge and setting the different packagings as a new count-by.

For example, if you have been ordering Absolut Vodka in both the 1L and 750ML bottle size, today you would likely see two different products in MarginEdge to represent these bottles. Going forward, when we process liquor products, you will only see one product called “Absolut Vodka” with count-bys “1L” and “750 ML”.

If you’re interested in beta testing multiple count-bys, our support team will conduct a cleanup of your liquor products. This cleanup will consist of reassigning your VIs spread across multiple products into one consolidated liquor product. Our team will also take care of adding all the ways you order the product as a new count-by. This cleanup will not affect any previous inventories you have done.

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