Connecting ME to Aldelo Express

Below are the instructions to connect Aldelo Express POS to MarginEdge.  

1. Connect MarginEdge in your Aldelo Express Marketplace.

2. Log in to MarginEdge. If you have access to multiple locations, be sure you are in the correct location you want to connect.

3. Go to Setup >  Integrations > Point of Sale. Click on button that shows “Aldelo Express”.  Click “Connect to Aldelo Express”.

4.  Enter your restaurant name as your location ID, exactly as it appears inside Aldelo Express.

5. Click “Verify” and "Save" and email to confirm you were able to follow the sets above. We will take care of the setup from here.

NOTE:  It will still take a day or two after you connect before you start seeing your sales data in the software. 

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