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When building recipes from your product database, you may be asked by our system to enter conversions so it can calculate cost and usage. The system can automatically calculate the conversion between any known weight and any other weight or any known volume and any other volume. 

Weight to Volume Conversions

If you order a product by the pound but want to measure it by the cup in a recipe, you'll need to enter a conversion to tell the software what the weight to volume equivalence is for that product. Once the system knows any weight to volume conversion, it will be able to infer any other. For example, if we know how many ounces of Cayenne Pepper there are in a cup, we can also infer how many tablespoons are in an ounce. 

If there is no known conversion between the unit of measure that you count by and the unit of measure you are trying to use in your recipe you will be prompted to enter a conversion. Once a conversion has been added for a product, the system will remember the conversion and will apply it when the product is used moving forward. 

For example, this Cilantro, it is measured by the pound, therefore you can select any weight (or anything under the existing units header) without selecting a conversion.


If however, you wanted to measure by the cup, a conversion would be required.


Because our system can calculate any weight to weight or volume to volume conversion, all that is required to figure out this conversion is any weight and its equivalent volume for this product. Even if I ultimately want to know how many cups in a pound, I can enter how many ounces in a cup and because the system has A weight to volume any another weight to volume conversions (e.g. cups/pound) can be inferred. 


Once you’ve entered this information, the system will do the calculation from there.



Finding weight to volume conversions: This information is available in a variety of places free. We recommend as a good place to start. 

Packaging Conversions

Items ordered by ambiguous sizes like "cases", "bottles" or "packs" may require a conversion from package size to weight, volume or other packaging size. Unlike a tablespoon or a pound which are specific measurements, some packaging sizes are more generic terms like "case" or "bottle" are unique to a specific vendor item. You may know the conversion based one familiarity with what you order, or this information may be findable by going to the Products menu, selecting the product you need to create a conversion for and clicking the "Edit Product" button. At the bottom of this screen, you will see a list of the Vendor Items associated with this product. 

In this example, apples are counted by the case but the Vendor Item packaging size indicates that there are 40 apples in each case. 


You can enter this conversion on the recipes screen, or do it directly from the edit product screen by scrolling down and adding "Each" as a unit of measure for this productmceclip6.png








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