Connecting ME to Restaurant365

  1. As outlined in the Restaurant365 REST API instructions, please reach out to Restaurant365 support and request that the vendor named MarginEdge is given API access to send data to your locations' databases. Please CC on your request for us to coordinate future steps with your accounting system.


  2. In MarginEdge, navigate to Setup > Integrations, and select Restaurant365 in order to initiate the connection inside MarginEdge. You will see the following page and need to fill in these fields. Find the instructions below. 
    • Selecting which Orders and Sales Entries sync is up to you. We generally recommend you manually select them for the first few weeks to ensure everything is flowing over properly. Once you are comfortable with it, you can adjust these settings. 

    • The Domain name is the name of your database. It is commonly found in the URL where you log in to see your data. If your restaurant concept name is Wasabi Sushi and you go to to log in, then wasabisushi is your database name & what you should enter here for the domain. 
    • Restaurant365 Location ID is the ID of your location inside your Restaurant365 platform. It is usually a number, like 100, 200, etc. You can find it as "Location Number" under Administration > Locations inside Restaurant365. 

    • Restaurant365 Username and Password can be your personal set of credentials, but you are also welcome to set up a new account with username MarginEdge that we can use. This account will only be used to keep your chart of accounts and vendor lists up to date.
      NOTE: If creating a new account, please ensure that the new account has:
      1. The role of Accounting Clerk AND
      2. Permissions for all locations, not just the locations that you are connecting to MarginEdge. Per Restaurant365, we need the correct role and all location permissions in order for us to access the chart of accounts.

  3. Click "Save" and you are done!

Please reach out to your Implementation Manager at MarginEdge to confirm you were able to complete these steps. 

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