Connecting ME to Intacct Accounting System

In order to establish a connection between Intacct and MarginEdge, there is setup required in both systems. Below are the steps walking you through both parts. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need support.


FIRST: Intacct

  1. Turn on Web Services: Enable the Web Services subscription using Company > Subscriptions (or in the Action UI: Company > Admin > Subscriptions). Scroll down and turn on the toggle as seen below:intacct1.png

  2. Authorize the MarginEdge Sender ID: MarginEdgeMPP

    • Go to Company > Setup > Company.

    • Switch to the Security tab, click Edit.

    • Scroll down to Web Services authorization, and click Add.

    • Enter MarginEdgeMPP for the Sender ID and Web Sender ID for the Description.

    • Click Save.intacct2.png

  3. Create a Role called "ME User" with proper access to communicate with ME

    • Go to Company > Admin > Roles and click on the + (plus sign) to create a new role intacct3.png

    • Create a role called ME User and click "Save" in the top corner.intacct4.png
    • This will take you to a page that will let you choose your role descriptions. You need:
      Company, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Cash Management. intacct5.png
    • For each section, you will need to set the Permissions for each role subscription using the following information: 


         Departments: List, View

         Locations: List, View

         Attachment Folders: List, View, Add

         Attachments: List, View, Edit

      General Ledger
         Journal Entries: List, View, Add, Edit

         Accounts: List, View

      Accounts Payable
         Pay Bills: Run
         Vendors: List, View

         AP Terms: List, View    

         Bills: List, View, Add, Edit

         Adjustments: List, View, Add, Edit

         Payment Requests: Delete

       Accounts Receivable

         Customers: List, View

       Cash Management

         Checking Accounts: List, View

    • Click "Save" in the upper right corner to save the permissions for this role.

  4. Create a Web Services User
    NOTE: You only need to create one Web Services user account in Intacct for MarginEdge, even if you are connecting multiple restaurants in MarginEdge.

    • Go to Company > Admin > Web Services Users and click on the + (plus sign) to create a new Web Services Userintacct6.png

    • Fill out the form with the proper information. This should be someone in your organization who will be managing the credentials (coming via email) that will be needed to complete the setup in MarginEdge. 
    • Be sure the User Type is Business and the Admin Privileges are offintacct7.png
    • Then click the Roles information tab and select the ME user role that was created in step #3 and save the user. You may be prompted for the password to complete this setup. It is the same password that was used in the initial login.
      NOTE: If you are setting this up for an accounting firm that uses one login to access multiple companies, you will not be able to set a role. You will have to give them full Admin Privileges on the previous screenshot.intacct8.png
    • Once this is completed, the web services user you created will get an email sent to them providing the Password, Sage Intacct Company ID, and the User ID. All of these will be needed back in MarginEdge.


SECOND: MarginEdge

  1. Log in to MarginEdge and using the navigation bar on the left, go to the Setup > Integrations page. If you have access to multiple units, be sure you have actively chosen the correct unit.

  2. Select Intacct from the dropdown and click the button to "Connect to Intacct". Scroll down (we'll get to the other settings in step #3) and you will see the following required fields that need to be filled out using the information sent to the Intacct Web Services User you created. Details about each one are below.intacct9.png
    • Intacct Company ID

      • This is the same company ID used to log into Intacct and can be found in the email that was sent to the web services user

    • Intacct Sender ID

      • This should be prefilled and if not, the ID is MarginEdgeMPP

    • Intacct User ID

      • This is the user ID that was created with the web services user and can also be found in the email that was sent out.

    • Intacct User Password

      • This was also sent out in the email to the web services user that was created.

    • Intacct Journal Symbols for Sales Entries

      • This needs a two letter symbol and can be found in Intacct by going to General Ledger > Journal Entriesintacct10.png

      • Once you are on the screen below look in the symbol column for this value. The vast majority of clients use GJ which stands for General Journalintacct11.png
      • Put in the TWO letter symbol Sales Entries
    • Intacct Journal Title for Sales Entries
      • An optional field, but adding General Journal or General Ledger can be helpful in reporting

  3. Let's look at the additional options found at the top of the Intacct integrations page. More general information about these settings can be found here: How to Export to Accounting with QuickBooks Online, Intacct or Xero

    Read below for a few things to know about Intacct specifically.intacct12.png

    • Multi-entity shared company: This line is very important and most people need to leave this blank. This should only be edited if the intacct account is run by an accounting firm that oversees multiple companies and has one single login to all units. In this situation they can choose the appropriate location.
    • If using "Locations": When a company has multiple units and you want to choose a specific unit, you would use the If using “Locations” lines to select the appropriate unit.intacct14.png


  4. Once you have made the proper choices, Save the integration settings and let your Implementation Manager know it has been completed. Well done! 


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