Connecting ME to Digital Dining POS

Below are the instructions to install our Digital Dining POS integration software.    These steps must be performed on your POS backend computer:

  1. Using a web browser login to MarginEdge – If you have more than one unit, be sure to change to the correct unit.
  2. Go to Setup > Integrations. In the section labeled “Point of Sale”, find and click on the button for "Digital Dining".
  3. Click the “Download Installer” button.
  4. You will get a popup window showing a Username and Password.  You need to write these down, or you can copy/paste to a notepad.
  5. Click on the file link shown next to "Installer URL" to download the installer file.
  6. Run the downloaded installer if the browser doesn't automatically run it for you.  You may see a warning about unsigned software -- we're working on that. In the meantime, please permit the installer to run.   When prompted, select your specific POS software.
  7. The installer should take a few minutes to complete its work. Once it has finished, you're done.

The ME software for the POS doesn't have an application icon and should not require any further attention from you. It's intended to be completely automated and will ship that last day of sales to the MarginEdge cloud every morning.

Please reach out to your Digital Dining support to set up reporting to be picked up by our system!

Here is the set of directions to send to them:

  1. Please create an XML feed of all transactions per day that output to the following directory: C:\MarginEdgeExports\ (perhaps may need to be created)

  2. For the daily time clock transactions and sales information from Digital Dining to get created, please go to the following area:  Load DDSetup / Misc / Additional System POS Setup / XML / XML Transaction Export
  1. The Export File Type should be setup per day, which means the XML data will be placed in a single output file per day. Each new transaction will be appended to this file. The naming convention will be TRmmddyy.xml. In other words, we need 1 file per day.


  1. Please schedule this export to happen daily for yesterday. Ideally, we would like the export to happen for the previous business day at 5 AM and at 10 PM (overwriting initial result) of the same day, just in case, there are any refunds or changes in place. But 5 AM run alone will be sufficient. Please make sure that the utility is “POS Transaction XML Export” and the date is “Yesterday”.


Once the task is scheduled and the reports generate, the setup is complete.

Lastly: If any days go missing because of a power outage or any unforeseen circumstance, you should always be able to generate the missing days doing the following:
Open Backoffice - Utilities - Export Transaction to XML - Select MarginEdge (or Default if MarginEdge is not there) on XML Definition - Enter Date of the missing entry - Hit Export.

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