Connecting to Toast via API

MarginEdge is now part of the Toast Partner Ecosystem which shares data via API: resulting in the absolute best, safest and most reliable way to get your data from Toast to MarginEdge. To maintain this integration, Toast has asked us for a 10% API fee which will be added to your MarginEdge subscription.

Connecting to Toast requires you to first grab some information from MarginEdge and then head into your Toast account. There you will need to add a new integration (for us!) and enter that information you copied at the beginning of the process into Toast. 

In MarginEdge

  1. In MarginEdge, navigate to Setup > Point of Sale

  2. Click the Connect to Point of Sale button.

  3. Select Toast API from the dropdown list of choices

  4. Click the Copy Toast Location ID button

    Note: Once clicked you should see a notification informing you that the ID has been copied:


  5. Select the appropriate checkboxes as needed

  6. Click SAVE.


  1. Open a new tab in your browser and log into to your Toast account. Click on Integrations in the navigation sidebar

  2. Click on Browse & purchase integrations

    Note: All Toast integrations (including the MarginEdge integration) must go through their Partner Connect portal. Toast charges $25/month per location to access their Partner Connect portal. If you have not yet activated this function on your Toast account then you will be prompted to subscribe to the Partner Connect portal.

  3. Search for MarginEdge and click Add Now

    Note: If you do not see the 'Add Now' option, it's possible that you need to update your Toast subscription and subscribe to the Partner Connect portal, as explained in Step 8.

  4. If there are multiple locations in your Toast account, select the applicable ones and then click Confirm


  5. Back on the Integrations page, click on Configure Integrations to navigate to My Integrations

  6. Click on the Manage IDs settings cog icon under "Actions"

  7. Paste the copied Toast Location ID (from step #4) into the Location ID field
    Note: we want it in the Location ID, NOT the Group ID!

  8. Click APPLY

In MarginEdge

  1. Back in MarginEdge, navigate to Labor > Setup


  2. Click on Manage Time Sheet Rules

  3.  Select Set Custom Overtime Rules


  4. Fill out Weekly Overtime Rules

  5. If applicable, also fill out Daily Overtime Rules

  6. Click SAVE

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