When will my vendor receive their payment?

When you use our Bill Pay feature, your vendor may receive funds from us in one of three ways. We will cover cut-off and transit times for each. 

All cut-off times referenced are assumed to be on weekday and not a Federal Reserve Holiday. 


Physical Check

  • Checks confirmed before 9 pm Eastern (6 pm Pacific) are printed and mailed the next business day*
  • Checks are mailed first class and transit times are dependent on the USPS. Generally we see checks arriving in 3-5 business days. 
  • The day the vendor actually deposits the check is the day the funds will be debited from your account (not the date of printing).
  • The status you will see on your Bill Pay > Payments page will show "Sent: Check". This confirms we mailed the check, but it does not confirm if the vendor actually deposited it.

Note that for approved physical check payments, we do have a feature that allows you to download an eCheck for immediate mobile deposit.


MEEP - MarginEdge Electronic Payments (Virtual Credit Card or ACH)

  • VCC Payments or ACH Payments that are confirmed before 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific) are processed same day. Anything approved after 2pm will be processed the next business day*.
  • Your vendor will receive payment two business days after the MarginEdge Send Date. For example, any MEEP approved before 2pm on Monday will be received by the vendor on Wednesday. ACH funds are deposited automatically, though it may be approximately 1-2 additional business days before the deposit is reflected in the vendor's bank account. VCC funds must be deposited by the vendor, so there could possibly be a delay if they don't accept it immediately.
  • The funds will debit from your account the day after the payment is processed. 
  • The status you will see on your Bill Pay > Payments page will show: 
    • For ACH: "Paid: MEEP" once the vendor receives the funds via ACH
    • For VCC: "Delivered: MEEP" once the vendor has received the funds and then will show "Paid: MEEP" once the vendor has actually deposited the funds from a VCC


*For payment purposes, "business days" are days that are not a weekend or a Federal Reserve holiday. Federal Reserve holidays differ slightly from Federal government holidays, so please take note.

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