MarginEdge Electronic Payments (MEEPs)

What are MarginEdge Electronic Payments (MEEPs)?

MarginEdge Electronic Payments (MEEPs) use virtual credit cards from Mastercard to make payments faster, more secure, and more reliable than traditional paper checks. In just the same way as you accept credit cards in your restaurant, virtual cards are a convenient way to ensure your vendors get paid directly and promptly.


How do I set this up?

To make the process simple and seamless, MarginEdge automatically determines how your vendor gets paid. When you pay a vendor that accepts virtual cards, MarginEdge sends a virtual card; otherwise, MarginEdge sends a check.


How do MEEPs work? When you send a MEEP, your vendor receives a single-use virtual card by email, phone, or fax, or via the vendor’s online portal. The delivery method depends on the method your vendor accepts (although email is the most common). The vendor can process this card through their normal merchant card processing system. The first 6 digits of every virtual card we send are the same: 556766. The last 10 digits are unique per payment, but the entire card number will be included in the email that includes all the payment information.


How do I know which vendors are set to electronic payment?

You can see the default payment for your vendors by going to Bill Pay > Setup, and clicking Manage Bill Pay Vendors; the vendor table will show Electronic in the Payment Type column.


When does my vendor receive my virtual card payment?

Your vendor will receive payment three business days after the MarginEdge Send Date (the day that the associated funds are deducted from your bank account). For example, a MEEP sent on Monday will be received by the vendor on Thursday morning.


How do I set up vendors to be paid electronically? No action is needed from you. We automatically update your vendor’s payment type to Electronic if they accept virtual cards. On an ongoing basis, we reach out to vendors currently being paid by paper check to ask if they will accept virtual cards. If there are vendors you would like us to reach out to quickly, please make this request to help@ and provide the contact details. Vendors decide whether they prefer to be paid electronically or via paper check - but in either case, they agree to accept payment without charging fees to you, the restaurant.

If you are charged a vendor fee for paying with a virtual card, please contact us immediately to rectify this with the vendor.


Does my vendor have to pay a fee to receive electronic payments?

MarginEdge doesn’t charge vendors to receive virtual credit card payments. To accept card payments, vendors usually pay fees to their merchant card processor, and those fees can vary. Most vendors choose to accept card payments because it ensures they get paid faster and more reliably.



My MEEP payment hasn’t been accepted by the vendor yet. What should I do?

MarginEdge works actively to make sure virtual card payments are accepted quickly. About 90% of virtual cards are processed and posted to your account within 5 days of receipt, although some vendors take longer. To accelerate the process, automated reminder emails are sent 3, 7 and 10 days after receipt. Additionally, after 10 days our team reaches out to vendors through email and phone twice a week until the card is processed. If your vendor hasn’t processed the payment after 30 days, we will cancel the virtual card, refund your bank account, issue a paper check, and notify you by email.


What if my vendor doesn’t accept virtual credit cards, or charges a fee to do so?

Sometimes, despite confirming that a vendor accepts virtual cards without charging fees, this just isn’t the case. The vendor may change their treatment of electronic payments and say, “we don’t accept virtual cards” or, “we accept virtual cards but we’re going to charge a 3% fee.” In this situation, we quickly make a change in our system so all future payments to this vendor are via paper check. Additionally, we ask the vendor to process the outstanding virtual card payments without charging fees. If they are unwilling to process without charging fees, MarginEdge will cancel the card payment, advance a refund to you and send the vendor a paper check. If a virtual credit card is processed that includes a fee from the vendor, MarginEdge will cover these costs.


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