PMIX Mapping Beer

Unlike your food and cocktail recipes, beer can be mapped directly to your beer product in MarginEdge

To get started, go to Accounting > PMIX Mapping. Once you’ve done your PMIX Set up, you can get started mixing. Set up your filters on the top of the page to include all the buttons you’ll need.

We’re going to start by mapping beer. For this example, we’re going to map a bottle of beer


You don't need a recipe for either keg or bottled beer. Recipes are only required when you need to map more than one product to a button.

We’ll start by triple-clicking the field in the Recipe/Product column next to the bottle of beer and typing the name of the product we want to map.

Once we find what you’re looking for and select it, you’ll see the count by unit of measure for the product in the “Unit” column and how much of that product was purchased in the selected date range in the “Purchased” column.


On the righthand side of the screen, you’ll see the scale, this indicated how much of the product is used every time this button is sold in your POS. In this case, the unit of measure is 1 bottle and the “Item” (Button) in the POS is for the sale of a bottle of beer, so this scale is correct. Every time you sell one bottle of Alaskan Amber in the POS, one bottle of Alaskan Amber Btl will be marked as sold in the theoretical report.

Next, we’ll map a draught beer. All of the steps are the same except for the scale: Start by triple-clicking the field in the Recipe/Product column next to the bottle of beer and typing the name of the product we want to map. Once the correct product is found click on it to select it and set the scale. 

In this case, the button is for a 16 oz glass, not a bottle so we’ll only want to report a percentage of the keg as being sold and this will vary depending on pour size and keg size. By default, the scale will be set to one, but we’ll want to reference our PMIX Mapping Scales chart and find out what portion of a 1/2 BBL Keg we would select for 16 oz (0.008065), we’ll then input that in the scale. 



Below is an example of how the PMIX Mapping screen looks after some products (in this case kegs of beer) have been mapped. In this example, the user selected the products "Flying Dog Seasonal Draft" and "Forge Draft" and entered the scale for each.  The unit shown is based on the product settings and the purchased amounts are based on the actual purchases for each product in the date range shown.



Below is an abbreviated version of the PMIX mapping scale graph for common keg sizes.  


Pour Size (ounces) 1/2 BBL 1/4 BBL 1/6 BBL 50L
1 0.00050 0.00101 0.00151 0.00059
2 0.00101 0.00201 0.00303 0.00118
3 0.00151 0.00302 0.00454 0.00178
4 0.00202 0.00403 0.00605 0.00237
5 0.00252 0.00504 0.00756 0.00296
6 0.00302 0.00604 0.00908 0.00355
7 0.00353 0.00705 0.01059 0.00414
8 0.00403 0.00806 0.01210 0.00473
9 0.00454 0.00906 0.01362 0.00533
10 0.00504 0.01007 0.01513 0.00592
12 0.00605 0.01208 0.01815 0.00710
13 0.00655 0.01309 0.01967 0.00769
14 0.00706 0.01410 0.02118 0.00828
15 0.00756 0.01511 0.02269 0.00888
16 0.00806 0.01611 0.02421 0.00947
18 0.00907 0.01813 0.02723 0.01065
20 0.01008 0.02014 0.03026 0.01183
22 0.01109 0.02216 0.03328 0.01302
24 0.01210 0.02417 0.03631 0.01420
32 0.01613 0.03223 0.04841 0.01893
64 0.03226 0.06445 0.09682 0.03787


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