Bill Pay Payment Approval Feature

Payment Approver Feature: Control who approves Bill Pay payments

By default, any user with the "Bill Pay User" or "Accountant" role can schedule and pay invoices through MarginEdge Bill Pay. However, restaurants can add an extra layer of oversight by turning on the Payment Approver feature, which requires a designated "Payment Approver" to approve all scheduled payments before they are sent (note: the Payment Approver will not need to approve their own payments).

Because this powerful feature controls the money flow of the restaurant, we require that the company’s controller or CFO contact to ask for the Check Approver feature to be turned on and specify who should be given the "Check Approver" role.

Once turned on, you’ll be able to see the list of Authorized Approvers by going Bill Pay > Setup, and scrolling to the bottom: 


Once the feature has been turned on, when a user with an Accountant or Bill Pay User role (but without a Check Approver role) schedules a payment in Bill Pay, the payment will appear in a Requires Approval status for an Authorized Approver to review.

When the Authorized Approver signs in, they will be able to see payments awaiting approval in two places:

  • Bill Pay > Invoices:



  • Bill Pay > Payments:


 Authorized Approver: approving payments

You will see invoices in "Requires Approval" status. To approve these payments, go to Bill Pay > Payments.

Using the checkbox column on the left, select the invoices you’d like to pay and click the Approve Checks button. If you don’t want the checks to be sent, click the Delete button; this will cancel the payment and put the invoices back into an "Unpaid" status.


For a video on using the payment approval feature, click here








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