MarginEdge in French

To view MarginEdge in French, you will need to make this change in your personal Settings. 

*Currently this setting is only available to clients in our Beta test group! 


1. Go to the upper right hand corner and click on your name.

Go to the upper right hand corner and click on your name.

2. In the drop down menu, click on "Settings"

In the drop down menu, click on "Settings"

3. Select French (Canada)

Select French (Canada)

4. Click on Save

Click on Save

And you will immediately see the results of your actions! 

Click on Paramètres d’utilisateur…

Things to Note

When you are viewing MarginEdge in another language, you will see the navigation, headers and the vast majority of content show in the language of your choice. But please note that our software is built on your unique database created by submitting your invoices, inputting your recipes and providing categories from your accounting system. While we control a lot of the content you see, you also play a large role in this too. This underlying data will be entered in as it comes to us and will not be translated. For example, if your invoices are in French, then your Products will all be in French. If you enter recipes in French, then they will also show in French. But there is nothing preventing you from creating your recipes in English, or in a hybrid of the two languages, and it will display as such.

Known Exceptions: packaging strings for vendor item are made up of English abbreviations and currency values are formatted for US and English-speaking Canada.

So please do be aware that switching between languages while using MarginEdge will not automatically translate everything you see while using our application. 


Also! The Kitchen Display feature is not available for French settings and until we get the translated version completed, our Terms and Conditions are in English, including the modal box that pops up when viewing our website asking you to accept them. 

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