For our Canadian clients, you should see an additional line on your Order called "Input Tax Credit" for your GST and HST. Like our other taxes, you will have the ability to set this line to book proportionately across the Categories represented in the invoice or book to a single selected Category.

You can access these settings either in bulk through Vendors > Vendor > Default Settings or on a vendor by vendor basis through Vendors > Vendor > Edit Vendor.


Things to Note:

  • GST/HST is not subject to tax exemptions when distributed across the Categories in an invoice. As is currently the case, only the "Taxes" line, when distributed across categories in an invoice, should be distributed to tax exempt products.
  • Unfortunately, while we know these need to be reported to a Global Tax Payable account, we cannot export these taxes to a Global Tax Payable account. Our system is exporting a value instead of a tax rate and so it gets rejected. If you want to record your GST to QuickBooks you'll need to create a clearing account for these values and adjust the mapping to be to this clearing account instead of to a Global Tax Payable account.


For more details on how MarginEdge handles taxes: 

How does MarginEdge handle Taxes, Delivery and other misc. charges?

Using Advanced Vendor Configuration Options (settings to apply across all vendors)


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