MarginEdge & Restaurant365 - Integration FAQs


MarginEdge’s integration with Restaurant365 allows you to upload invoices in MarginEdge, and then have them seamlessly flow over into Restaurant365. Setting up your accounting information in MarginEdge is easy – we pull a live list of your chart of accounts and vendor list so that you can easily map where you want your category and invoice data to go with a drop down list of options.

Our integration with Restaurant365 currently supports exporting invoices (A/P), sales entries, inventory adjustments, and non-AP orders. Our integration currently does not support exporting bill payments or credit memos.

  1. Is this a live integration? In other words, will a client need to export the data out of MarginEdge and import it into Restaurant365 or will it flow automatically? 

The data will flow in automatically for journal entries (sales, inventory adjustments, and some orders that aren’t AP) and invoices. For credit memos, MarginEdge will provide a CSV file you can import. For bill payments, users will have to manually mark them as paid in Restaurant365. 

  1. What kind of invoices data does MarginEdge send to Restaurant365? 

We will only send category (GL Account) level data. It will look like the “Category Summary” in MarginEdge. Any product or line-item level information users may need can be found in MarginEdge. Since Restaurant365 does not support sending invoice images directly, we send links to MarginEdge invoice images.  

  1. Can you export inventory entries? 

We will post inventory adjustments as a journal entry.  

  1. Can you use Bill Pay with this integration? 

You can use our Bill Pay feature in MarginEdge but you will still need to mark Bills as Paid in Restaurant365. 

  1. How do I send credits into Restaurant365? 

Credit memos need to be manually imported into Restaurant365. MarginEdge will create a CSV compatible with Restaurant365 format to import. 

  1. Will Vendor and Chart of Accounts info update live? 

Yes. Please allow 15 minutes for changes to take place.  

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