Release Notes - January 30, 2019


Bill Pay: 

  • Easier Vendor Setup (Including Payment Terms) - Vendor payment info, including address, account number and even payment terms (net 10, net 30, etc.) can be automatically synced from most accounting systems.
  • Pay it Forward - You pay bills when it's convenient for you, but you may not want the check to be sent out for a few days. Now you can date checks up to 60 days into the future.


  • Print Recipe Cards - There's a better way to print recipes: instead of full sheets, print recipe cards using the same layout shown in the recipe viewer (perfect for training or real-time kitchen use.) 

Products & Categories:

  • Editable Setup Verification Report  - This report is essential for reviewing new items that have come in during a given time period. Now, you can click a row to quickly change the category of any of the new items.  
  • Enhanced Product Searching - New filters on the Products page let you search products by accounting category as well as by the high-level product types Food, Beer, Wine, Liquor, Other.


  • Auto-Calculate Order Quantities - Less math anyone? Auto-calculate is here: when ordering online, just enter your on-hand amounts and order quantities will auto-calculate based on your pars. 
  • More EDI - ACME and Capital Seaboard - We've added EDI support for receiving invoices from ACME Paper and Supply Co. and Capital Seaboard. 


  • Automatic Inventory Balance Sheet Entries - Yes, really! Once inventory is closed and approved, balance sheet entries can be exported to most accounting systems. 
  • "Locations" Now Supported for QuickBooks Online. 
  • New Integrations - MarginEdge is now integrated with Restaurant365. 

POS Systems:

  • Talech POS - Integration is complete.  
  • LaVu POS - Integration is complete. 
  • NCR Silver - Integration is complete. 
  • That's 33 POS systems. OK, seriously, how many more are there?!?



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