Why didn't my sales make it into my accounting system?

Uh oh - you expected to see a sales entry in your accounting system, and it's not there.   What happened?!  

Well, one of two things (hint: it's usually #1).

1.  New POS entry needs mapping.

If you see the day's sales entry in your daily sales email but don’t see the day post to your accounting system, it will almost always be a mapping issue.   You can quickly check in ME and fix it in this way.  

a.  Confirm: you may have already received an alert from ME.   If not, go to Accounting > Export page, and if a Daily Sales Entry failed it will be in ERROR status.   Note the day or days that are in "error" status.

b.  Next, go to Accounting > Sales Entries.   Find the day that failed to send.   Click on it.    View the entries and find the line that has a $ amount showing in the Debit or Credit column BUT has no accounting system account showing in the second column (it will be blank.)

c.  Next, go to Accounting > Sales Mapping, and you can connect your accounting system account to that POS line item.   If you're not sure how to do this, you can read more detail about Sales Mapping here.

d.  Finally, go back to Accounting > Export page.   Click on the very left side of the line of the Daily Sales Entry you want to re-send, then click the green "Send" button and it will fly like the proverbial wind to your accounting system (ok, or it will fly to "Pending" status, awaiting the request from your accounting system to pull info from ME.)


2.  No data was sent from your POS for the day.

This is far less common, but it does happen from time to time.   If you see the day's sales entry is NOT in your daily sales email, then you also won't see it post to your accounting system.   That means MarginEdge didn't receive sales data from the POS the night before.   This can happen for a variety of reasons:  the power could have been out;  someone could have inadvertently shut down the computer; a magnetron could have been used for a huge nearby heist (have you seen Ocean's11?) and all electronics in a mile-radius were disabled.   Whatever happened, the bottom line is that a small program on the store computer didn't run as expected to send us sales data.   The good news is that this usually corrects itself by the next day, and the POS data typically makes its way to ME just fine.   If it doesn't, feel free to reach out to us to investigate.   

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