Updating Your Toast Connection

What do I need to do?

The Toast Support Team will help you get a few pieces of information specific to your account that you will then need to send to the MarginEdge support team (help@marginedge.com). The steps to do this are outlined below.

Step 1:

Log in to Toast and navigate to this link - https://central.toasttab.com/s/contact-support

Step 2:

Complete the Create a Case form:

Enter your relevant account and contact information. For the 'I have a question about' field, choose 'Other Setup.' In the 'Subject' field, write 'Automated Nightly Exports' Finally, copy and paste the text below into the 'Description' field, making sure to insert your restaurant name in the space provided. 


Please enable standard exports and share credentials for {{Account Restaurant Unit Name}} to automate nightly exports per this help article: https://central.toasttab.com/s/article/Automated-Nightly-Data-Export-1492723819691. Provide me with the Username, S3 Access Key ID, S3 Secret Access Key, and Restaurant Numbers so that I can complete the connection.

Thank you!

Step 3:

After Toast Customer Support has confirmed set up and provided you with your access keys, please:

Only users with the Data Export Config permission can modify the data export setup for your restaurant group.



As indicated in the image above, if your restaurant is part of a restaurant group, the export configuration will apply to all restaurants in that group.

  • Click the "view restaurant # mapping" link in the blue bar at the top of the page.
  • This page will automatically download a CSV file which will contain your restaurant number.

Step 4:

Last but not least, please send the information you've received from Toast to help@marginedge.com:

  • the username, S3 access key ID, S3 secret access key
  • and the CSV file from Toast

(Feel free to directly forward the confirmation email sent from Toast and attach the CSV.)


We really appreciate you taking the time to keep everything flowing smoothly! This is an important way for us to make sure your data isn’t interrupted moving forward. Thanks so much for helping us keep this path between our systems open and working seamlessly.

If you have any trouble with this process, please reach out to help@marginedge.com.

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