How do I remove background from a signature image for use in BillPay?


The majority of the time, a signature image uploaded to MarginEdge for use with BillPay has some kind of background, due to the image typically being a handwritten signature on paper. The image will likely appear something like this, and will appear on printed checks this way:


To resolve this, upload the signature image file to and select Remove Background, then download the new image file.

In MarginEdge, under BillPay, Setup, Bank Accounts, click the Edit button next to the bank account you want to use for checks. Use the Clear Signature button to remove the current image, then drop the removebg image into the signature box. Click Preview & Save; you should see a check like this:



How to correct the orientation of a signature image for use in BillPay

You may find that, after uploading your signature image, the image on your checks is rotated, so it doesn’t line up with the check’s signature line, like so:mceclip2.png

To resolve this, open the original file with an app that will allow you to edit the image, such as Paint 3D. Rotate the image until the signature reads correctly, then save the rotated image.


In MarginEdge, go to BillPay, Setup, Bank Accounts and add/edit your bank account info. Clear the existing signature image by clicking the Clear Signature button below the box, then drag the newly edited image file into the box. Click anywhere on the page to enable the Preview and Preview And Save buttons. Review the preview check to ensure that your signature displays correctly.



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