Setting Up EDI Invoices

Our standard set up process kicks off when you upload an invoice for a vendor we support -- we will reach out to the vendor to request the integration on your behalf or reach out to you for more information. Sometimes, however, this can be a slow process.

If you want to help us expedite this please see below to find out what information is needed for each vendor and send an email to with the information.  (For those that require us to work with their sales rep, we will copy you on the request we submit to them and then you can help keep them accountable!)


Vendor Requirements Avg Timeframe
Adams-Burch Sales rep email address 2-4 weeks
Baldor Specialty Food Sales rep email address 6-8 weeks
Ben E Keith Sales rep email address 2-4 weeks
Capital Seaboard You email your sales rep directly with request (see sample below) 4-6 weeks
Cheney Brothers Sales rep email address 2-4 weeks
Coastal Sunbelt Produce Account Number 1-2 week
Fintech* Your unit's street address + your dedicated email address 1-2 weeks
Gordon Food Service Account Number 1-2 weeks
Keany Produce Account Number 1-2 weeks
PFG Sales rep email address 2-4 weeks
Profish Account Number 1-2 weeks
Reinhart Reinhart Form signed (download below) 4-6 weeks
Sysco (Freshpoint) Copy of an invoice 1-2 weeks
US Foods US Foods form filled out, can have multi-unit company on one form (download below) 6-8 weeks


Sample email to your Capital Seaboard rep:

We would like to request an EDI Integration with our invoice processor, MarginEdge, in order to be able to send our invoice analytics data directly to them. Please let me know when this is completed. 

If you have any questions, the EDI contact at MarginEdge is

Thank you!


*Fintech typically charges a fee to the client. This fee is strictly on their side as EDI is a free feature of MarginEdge. 

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